Hotel Elephant

This building once was a hotel - the Hotel Elephant. A large Hotel complex where people were welcome
regardless of their religion or social state, according to found internet sourses. During the second
world war the hotel was taken over by Nazis and became an army inspection agency. It was here where
the decicions were made who goes to the east- or to the west-front and who could absent oneself from
the military service. A place for thousands of destinies.

The building was bombed sometime during the war, which brought the hotel to an end. After the war,
it was used as an office building for the Austrian National Rail company. In 2010 it has been newly
rebuilt as an apartment complex. It is now homes for many people and does not necessarily recall the
past. The building is also not registered as an important historical site by the city government.

In October 2011 Tourist Office has put up an imitation of an official plate for the important historical
building on its wall.

Südtiroler Platz 13, 8020 Graz

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