Mohrenapotheke / Black Man's Pharmacy

The sculpture over the entrance of Mohrenapotheke (the black man's pharmacy) shows the pharmacy's symbol
- a black medicine man with a bowl and a snake - created by the Grazer sculptor Hans Adametz in 1933.

The name Mohrenapotheke originates to the fact that its special herbs and medicine used to be imported
from North Africa back in the old days. There are criticisms once in a while today that the word Mohre
(almost equivarent to the word "Nigger") should be changed because of its colonial, racist and negative use.

Mohrnenapotheke is celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2011.
Guided tour with the owner Mr. Christian Mueller on 13 October 2011.

Open hours:
Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm, Sat 8am - 12pm
Guided tour on 13 October 2011, 4pm

Südtiroler Platz 7, 8020 Graz

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