All Together

The performance All Together features stories of people whom we encountered in our life, people who are or once were important to us, but for one or another reason, who cannot be here with us at this moment. It might be a sister, childhood friend, teacher, first-love or even star-artists. Conceived by Michikazu Matsune and joined on stage by Frans Poelstra and Elizabeth Ward - three performers remember them, dedicate a dance to them and sometimes become them. All Together connects what is absent to what is present and those who are here to those who are not here. No matter if we love or hate one another, as a matter of fact, fortunately or unfortunately, whether you are here or not, we all belong together.

Concept & Artistic direction: Michikazu Matsune
Performance: Michikazu Matsune, Frans Poelstra, Elizabeth Ward
Rehearsal assistance & Feedback: Dorothea Zeyringer
Photos: Maximillian Pramatarov

First presented at ImPulsTanz Festival Vienna 2018
Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna / MA7