Homesick Festival Vienna

Homesick Festival is a unique performance-festival that takes place in private homes. The first edition of the festival was held in Vienna during the autumn-winter of 2017. Upon booking, a pair of artists – Michikazu Matsune and one of the festival artists – went to perform in homes of Vienna residents.

Homesick Festival explores the environment of private homes as a stage for unique encounters and shared experiences. The artists deal with themes such as personal history, childhood, everyday life, wishes or dreams. The artistic interventions vary from dancing in the livingroom to protesting in the kitchen to philosophying in the bedroom among other actions. Homesick Festival offers the viewers and participants opportunities to (re)connect with their own experiences of home, their past and present.

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A project by Michikazu Matsune
Vienna version with Thomas Geiger, Marlene Hausegger, Barbara Kraus, Andrea Maurer, Frans Poelstra, Oleg Soulimenko

Supported by The Cultural Department of the City of Vienna
Photo by Elsa Okazaki and Michikazu Matsune