One Hour Standing for

by Michikazu Matsune and David Subal
We stand motionless for 60 minutes long in front of historic monuments in 24 capital cities of the world. Although looking like tourist-photos, our standing-performance is recorded in video.
It is a paradoxical reflection on movements by standing still, exploring the toopic of one of the most significant movements in today's globalised society; Tourism. Historic monuments here become stages for the common choreography of our society where tourists travel from one place in the world to another, from nation to nation. At the same time, the project investigates the possible collapse or decline of the factors involved – the standing human body, the political and historic monuments, the idea of the nation, and ourselves as individuals and artists.

Installation with 24 monitors
Performance (2005-2008) in Abu Dhabi, Addis Abeba, Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Brasilia, Brussels, Bucharest, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Copenhagen, Hanoi, Havana, Mexico City, Moscow, Nairobi, Oslo, Pretoria, Santiago de Chile, Singapore, Teheran, Tokyo, Vienna, Washington DC

Supported by the cultural department of the city of Vienna, Ministry of Austria for art and education, television, szene salzburg, Tanzquartier Wien and brut Wien.