Peeping M

Peep show beyond words and worlds
by Michikazu Matsune and Maxim Ilyukhin

Peeping M is a peep show beyond personal and national identities, beyond words and worlds. This installation-performance is an encountering space for the two artists, Maxim Ilyukhin from Russia and Michikazu Matsune from Japan who are naked in the box, in which the audience could watch through small holes. The optic glasses show the naked bodies once monstrous and gigantic, then again far distant or distorted. These fragmented gazes on the bodies are corresponded by fictional biographies glued on the outer walls. Without knowing much about each other, Ilyukhin and Matsune have invented possible biographies of each other with the help of imagination – putting out the “Unfixable of Identity" as a central theme. PEEPING M offers a map for a voyeuristic voyage in search for the unknown(s) in the gaps between the virtual lives and the banal bodies. Have a nice trip!

Installation and durational performance
3 hours